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Sunday, 07 March 2021

Specially tourism sector offers unique opportunity of flexible forms of employment for target group of inactive women and could help them to get back and adapt more easily to the labor market and could help them to keep working position. TOURISM REPRESENTS APPROXIMATELY 10% OF WOLD ECONOMY IN GENERAL. Tourism is very important economic, social and environmental phenomena of this time as it used to be. Tourism is among the largest employers in most countries and also a fast-lane vehicle into the workforce for young people and women. Tourism is the growth area for Europe and is essential in the current economic global climate, as underlined by the Commission in continuous manner. Latest statistics published in „http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/portal/page/portal/tourism/data/database“ are clearly validating the importance of the sector in employment of European citizen especially for women.  The rate of employment of women in this sector is 46%, highlighting the importance of the sector in female employment. The tourism sector has almost twice as many women employers as other sectors.

There are a lot of inactive women who are neither in work nor seeking employment because of family responsibilities (housewives,women after maternity and parental leave, women looking after children and incapacitated adults, middle aged women) who have got obstacles to find a job and re-enter back into labour market. They have natural "talent" combined with experience. Although they are well experienced, they are still among the most disadvantaged groups of unemployed people as it is not that simple for them to re-enter in working life, while tourist sector is starving for such a naturally soft skilled workforce. Even tourism, although the reserve is still in the legislative, cultural and moral certainty, it becomes sort of an open gateway for women in almost every part of the world. There exist many typical female positions in tourism sector - from flight attendants, guides, chambermaids, receptionists, waitresses, to the managers of hotels, room service, or retailers with local products, all strongly requiring the natural talent of „female“, being polite, welcoming, warm, patient and intelligent by birth. These natural advantages of women make them the natural players of the tourism scenario and make them the unavoidable part of the activity.

Therefore the main project objective is to train inactive women for bringing them employable in tourism sector. Project´s aim is to encourage/motivate/train and provide capacities, knowledge and skills to inactive women from different partner countries,to start a promising future in the tourism by being employed in the local tourism and be good examples of the theme. The idea is to improve the skills and competencies of inactive women to be able to be employed in the field of the tourism. To achieve this ambitious goal, there will be transferred innovative products of the project "Tour-East: Training of unemployed middle-aged women for employability in the sector of tourism.

I-NEW Project Team