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Montag, 25. Januar 2021
I-NEW Overview --- >> Objectives

Tourism represents approximately 10% of world economy in general.Tourism is very important economic,social and environmental phenomena of this time as it used to be.Tourism is among the largest employers in most countries and also a fast-lane vehicle into the workforce for young people and women.Tourism is the growth area for Europe and is essential in the current economic global climate, as underlined by the Commission in continuous manner. According to the latest statistics the rate of employment of women in this sector is 46%, highlighting the importance of the sector in female employment.There are a lot of inactive women who are neither in work nor seeking employment because of family responsibilities.

Although they have natural "talent" combined with experience, they are still among the most disadvantaged groups of unemployed people as it is not that simple for them to re-enter in working life, while tourist sector is starving for such a naturally soft skilled workforce. The concrete aim of the project is  to encourage/motivate/train and provide capacities, knowledge and skills to inactive women from different partner countries, to start a promising future in the tourism sector by being employed in the local tourism sector and be good examples of the theme.It is necessary to improve and enhance skills of inactive women , because they suffer from the lack of self-confidence in their own professional competencies and they think that they cannot learn new things anymore.I-NEW will encourage target group to contribute to their own experience to the process of learning and to be in touch with similar women in other countries or regions. Moreover, the project aims at developing the skills of inactive women to work in teams, to communicate with the help of ICT and to be active in future self-study and self-learning.The main functional aim is the development of 7 training modules with innovative and useful tools by means of e-learning for the individual learning.