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Sonntag, 07. März 2021
I-NEW Overview --- >> Working Methods
  1. WP1 Management, coordination of the consortium and Quality Assurance will run between Oct-12 to Sep-14 for 24 Months led by COOP
  2. WP2 Need analysis of inactice women and job analysis in tourism sector will run between Nov-12 to Apr-13 for 6 Months led by miraconsult e.U.
  3. WP3 Training content development and adaptation and portal translation and ECVET utilisation will run between Apr-13 to Feb-14 for 11 Months led by Mercury Srl.
  4. WP4 Design, Development and Maintaince of Web portal and e-learning platform will run between Mar-13 and Feb-14 for 12 Months led by POINT
  5. WP5 Pilot testing of the e-training courses , Feedback and evaluation of the resulsts will run between Feb-14 and Aug-14 for 6 Months led by TAKIDD
  6. WP6 Valorisation - Creation of a Model for Future Progress and Sustainability will run between Oct-12 to Sep-14 for 24 Months led by COOP

WP1: Management, coordination of the consortium and Quality Assurance:
Package leader: COOP - Period: 10/2012-9/2014

The main aim of the WP is to run the programme from the beginning to the end. Further aims can be summarized as:
- Provision of the effective management including all contractual and administrative issues of the project needed to ensure execution of an efficient and realistic quality plan,
- Provision of the overall management of project and to co-ordinate the activities in different work packages,
- Ensuring the general piloting of the project through an efficient and proper communication system between all partners so as the activities of production, evaluation and diffusion can joint each other following the expected deadline, ensuring the regular follow-ups of the expenses to realize the activities of the project within the framework of the stated budget,
- Monitoring the performance of project by an efficient and realistic quality plan and regular monitoring of the project evolution and verification of the work programme within the frame of quality understanding,
- Successful coordination and valorization of the project at all stages,
- Establishment of convenient and continuous communication structure within the partnership domain, liaison with the National Agency in the cases of task modifications proposed by the partner organisations and occurred needs in the project and provide consultations and effective cooperation with the related experts, professional and educational institutions as well as national bodies for both technical input and valorisation purposes,
- Organisation and execution of four teleconference meetings throughout the project lifespan besides the physical partner meetings,
- Assure the sustainability of the project concept and results after the end of the project,
-Preparation and submission of interim and final reports to the National Agency and to liaise with the Leonardo programme management.

WP2: Need analysis of inactice women and job analysis in tourism sector
Package leader: MIRACONSULT - Period: 11/2012- 04/2013

Analyse TouEast project and to extend possibilities of outputs for further using them in our project. Analyse the current situation and the employment status of inactive women in each partner country, especially what are their trainining needs and identify the potential of this group in the tourism sector. Collect all available information from all partners and to perform the enterprise survey and to identify their needs. For this purpose, to expose the current structure of I-NEW training tools and get to know by partners, to analyze of basic principals that the I-NEW relies on and its impact on trainees.

WP3: Training content development and adaptation and portal translation and ECVET utilisation
Package leader: MERCURY - Period: 04/2013-02/2014

- Improve, adapt and translate of previous TourEast modules (English language course, Soft skills course and WEB 2.0) into partners´ languages (SK, TR, IT, DE)
- Develop new e-training courses (Receptionist, Waitress, Guest relation, Hotel staff manager)  and translate in all partners languages (SK, TR, IT, DE)
- Develop training methodology handbook
- Translate project Web site content into partners languages (SK, TR, IT, DE)

WP4: Design, Development and Maintaince of Web portal and e-learning platform
Package leader: POINT - Period: 12/2012- 02/2014

- Design,develop and maintain of Web portal consisting of friendly user interface and social media tools
- Develop e-learning platform with on-line training and intranet
- Adapt the new e-training course courses to the Web portal
- Create movies/demonstrations with either subtitles or dubbing and text to read to 7 modules (Receptionist, Waitress, ,Guest relation, Hotel staff manager, English language course, Soft skills, WEB 2.0 skills)

WP5: Pilot testing of the e-training courses , Feedback and Evaluation of the resulsts
Package leader: TAKIDD - Period: 02/2014-08/2014

- Test and validate new e-learning modules with the final users (20 inactive women in each partner country) through pilot testing virtually in each country
- Test and validate achieved skills of target group through pilot testing physically in Slovakia
- Collect feedback from piloting users towards the results and existing material and training module.
- Develop a strategy for measurement of the training modules according to output efficiency and competitiveness, consequently determine the improvement strategy for modules.
- Realize an evaluation report regarding the results obtained in each country during testing period
- To determine qualification certification system based on feedback from piloting users

WP6: Valorisation= Dissemination and Exploitation
Package leader: COOP - Period:10/2012-09/2014

- Disseminate the project´s approach, the methodologies and its result to wide audience
- Ensure effective and efficient dissemination of the results and encourage all project partners to fulfill all necessary tasks regarding dissemination activities
- Contribute to the increasing the employability of inactive and develop a working model for similar efforts and execution of effective dissemination and exploitation of the project aims, methods, outcomes/results and products starting from the first month of the project within a regular plan as introduced in WP1.
- Dissemination of the project results to the target group in national and European level at the widest possible extent.
- Ensure the appliance of proposed dissemination activities in each work packages, develop an efficient feedback mechanism for overall project, Web site and training modules, ensure that the project will survive after the end of funding period.
- Diffuse the content to other sectors, institutions, countries in such a state of mind the more future partners will join the partnership, the more the device will be richer.
- Commercialization of the project and concluding related copyright agreements with partners. Further questioning of the continuation of the cooperation in the topic.
- Develop systematic information and communication technique including news letters and advertisements; make the portal VISIBLE in the virtual world Internet.
- Update projects web site promptly to inform potential users and public as a whole about the results of the project, to prepare and print the brochures, posters, public announcements about the project and its results, to organize events.