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Monday, 25 January 2021
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Dear Participant,

Welcome to this e-Training programme!

There are a lot of inactive women who are neither in work nor seeking employment because of family responsibilities (housewives,women after maternity and parental leave, women looking after children and incapacitated adults, middle aged women) who have got obstacles to find a job and re-enter back into labor market. Specially tourism sector offers unique opportunity of flexible forms of employment for target group of inactive women and could help them to get back and adapt more easily to the labor market and could help them to keep working position.

However, despite the working possibilities which are offered by tourism sector, target group inactive women have to face to some problems. They have to overcome the first barriers at work like new graduated student. However, their natural and experience oriented talent is their most reliable and efficient advantage to overcome all these drawbacks. These inactive women is a generation with a lot of work experience and with achieved valuable knowledge. Among others, this target group could  offer stability and responsible attitude to work and loyalty, respectively. ability to withstand long working position. They have also other qualities and skills that would bring into this tourism field - the perfect knowledge of historical and geographic area in which they work, through regional authenticity, willingness and willingness to adapt to time-consuming work. On the other hand, they often need to persuade themselves that they have sufficient experience to obtain the position where the consequence is hard work and positive life spirit.

There is a general perception that inactive women are not so skilled and adaptable as younger workers, the consequence of which is that  the skills development of inactive people may be below average. This may result from the behavior of both companies (offering less training to this group) and inactive people themselves (less willing to participate in training). Knowing these circumstances I-NEW project is aimed at improving and developing e-learning training modules: English language module, Web 2.0 skills module and Soft skills module as parts of "I-NEW Basic Skills e-Training Course". "I-NEW Career e-Training Course" is also made available and contains Hotel staff manager, Guest relation officer, Receptionist and Waitress e-Learning modules. These effort is to unconditionally allow inactive women, particularly women on maternity and parental leave, housewives, women looking after children and incapacitated adults and MAW, additional education and retraining in the field of tourism sector.

If you are ready to join to our training program, please create an user account first, then follow Members' Menu for joining to I-NEW e-Training Programme.

Sincere regards,

I-NEW Project Team