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Monday, 25 January 2021
I-NEW Portal --- >> Letter to e-Learners

Dear e-Learners,

Welcome to I-NEW Project Website and e-Training Program!

In tourism sector inactive women have the possibility to reconcile work and family life which increases their satisfaction because of  flexible work organisation:

• part-time working;
• working flexibility;
• flexibility in the organisation of work, including the length of the working day and taking time off as and when needed.

This type of flexibility can have benefits for both the employer and the employee. For the employer, they can help to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and reduce operating costs; for the employee, they can help to reconcile work, private and family life and this flexibility allows them to accommodate the various responsibilities plus their work outside the home.

Return to working life may be simplified by the part-time positions or engage in seasonal work, which they can perform in their native region, while the familiar environment of insecurity degrades and eliminates above mentioned problems.  Part-time job is, as we know, timely - and thus less physically demanding, therefore it can be assumed a good adaptation process and easier return to the labor market, which confirms also the following research http://www.diw.de/documents/publikationen/73/diw_01.c.347227.de/diw_sp0268.pdf

This specific group of women who have already fulfilled the most important women tasks (maternity and paternal leave) and also have sufficient practical experience and background, are ready to apply for a new job and to be and ideal employe in tourism sector. The needs to synchronize family and working life have already thought them how to organize their duties and plan their programme in effective way, so that they are ready to offer these useful  and valuable skills for their  future employers. For these reasons, they are well suited for many positions in tourism (receptionist, waitress, guest relationship, hotel staff manager).

The aim of the I-NEW project is to expanding employment opportunities in hospitality sector, mainly at hotels. We are pleased to welcome you on board of these enthusiastic e-learning modules that will open you the path for working successfully in tourism sector. I-NEW e-Course design starts from the specific needs of women who have remained inactive in the labour marked for a long time and commits to take the best of the natural skills that all women possess.

The e-learning methodology of training allows participation of women from all Europe and worldwide: I-NEW e-Course will be in English and translated in all partners’ languages. I-NEW offers you basic skill e-Course made out of Soft skills, WEB 2.0 skills and English language modules. Further Career e-Training Course is aiming you to actually work in these disciplines; Receptionist, Waitress, Guest relation officer, Hotel staff manager and respective e-learning modules are available.

At the end of the each module, a test will assure the achievement of the foreseen learning outcomes.

We are looking forward for welcoming you in attending our I-NEW e-Course by taking respective e-learning modules, and for supporting you with the necessary tools for succeeding!

Don't wait to get a great start!

We wish you very best for the future endeavors
I-NEW Project Team