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Monday, 25 January 2021
I-NEW Portal --- >> Feedback to I-NEW Approach

32 years old woman, on the maternity leave:  “I think this idea is very attractive and motivating, because women have the chance to increase their skills in tourism and harmonize their family and work life”.

62 years old woman, housewife: “I’m retired for three years but I’d like to earn a little bit more money and learn something new. The tourism is very interesting, I also know several people who works in it. It is possible to employ young people without experiences but also older ones, so that’s why I’d appreciate this project”.

33 years old woman, on the maternity leave: ”If this project, connected to the tourism, would give to the women on the maternity leave the chance to find a job after the maternity leave - or maybe even during it - sooner and easier, it would be great contribution for all of them, because they are discriminated as they want to find a job after being on maternity leave for so long. Some courses for mothers during the maternity leave would be useful for them as a break from their children and the possibility to learn something new”.

36 years old woman, on the maternity leave: “Mothers on the maternity leave would embrace few hours out of the house to have some time without their children, and so would I. Maybe it will be the tourism sector to offer me this chance, and that’s why I’d like to learn something new about it, and so I could stay working in this sector also after the maternity leave. I would really embrace this project”.

44 years old woman, ex secondary school teacher, currently unemployed: “Each project that aims to promote and develop the tourism and its services is of great importance. We have a lot of shortcomings there. The thing is not to let it be only a theory, because it is useless to learn something if it’s not going to be realized”.

23 years old woman, unemployed: “I think this project could be a big contribution for all of the inactive women, which would like to realize their potential in the tourism. I, as an unemployed woman, would like to use this opportunity, too”.

18 years old woman, student: “The main idea of this project is unique. I haven’t heard yet about the project that helps unemployed women. This kind of education tailored to inactive women’s needs is for me a very pleasant surprise”.

40 years old woman, housewife: “This project seems to be very interesting. This will really come in useful to me”.

28 years old woman, on the maternity leave: “I’m interested in the idea of this project because of the fact, that it is realized in the form of quality e-courses, so this e-learning courses offer to increase of the experiences of its participants”.

30 years old woman, unemployed: “I think this project is very progressive, because its aim is to increase the skills of the inactive women of teamwork, communication with ICTs and active self-studying in the future”.

34 years old woman, unemployed: “The project made on me an impression because of its unique opportunity of the flexible forms of employment for the target group of economically inactive women - of which I am a part of”.

29 years old woman, on the maternity leave: “I was surprised that the functional aim of the project is to develop 7 training modules for individual studying. For me it is very motivating”.

33 years old, unemployed: “Hearing about this opportunity dedicated to inactive women, renewed a feeling of hope in me. Many years ago, I’ve been working in the tourist sector, then I had to quit because of family responsibilities and make some small jobs; now that I have some more time I’d like to re-enter in the world of tourism, but I feel insecure. Thanks to this course, I’ll have the time to get updated and to get new self-confidence to re-start performing the job I really like!”.

35 years old, unemployed: “It’s a very big pleasure to hear about the existence of project dedicated to inactive and unemployed women in these crisis times; we often feel abandoned!”.

39 years old, ex-caretaker, currently unemployed: “For years I was thinking about working in a Hotel, but I never had the opportunity to make a little training or course to feel more secure to apply for a job. Reading about this project, I understood that my sensibility makes me a valuable asset to the hospitality sector and I can’t wait to start following the I-NEW program!”.

27 years old, housewife: ”I got married very young, I have two beautiful children that go to school and now I feel ready to re-start working. I-NEW will be an important support to me.”

28 years old, on the maternity leave: This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks to the flexibility of this course, I can find the time for both my child and my working life!”