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Pazartesi, 25 Ocak 2021
I-NEW Overview --- >> Dissemination Approach

The challenge of dissemination is to improve the accessibility of new findings to those who are trying to reach them. This means, firstly, ensuring the availability of materials or ideas to the target audience and secondly, making these findings comprehensible to those who receive them. The purpose of our dissemination is to make I-NEW a successful and sustainable project by raising the awareness and publicity of the I-NEW project as well as its outcome. Dissemination is all about targeting I-NEW project audience= inactive women from different partner countries, finding out how they are affected by realized activities and how the project result can help them. The dissemination strategy of the I-NEW project consists of consecutive phases which require different methods and activities to be initiated in order to be able to achieve the goals and to reach project target group:

Awareness-oriented phase
The goal of the first phase is to raise awareness about the project and its objectives. This involves the setting up of the basic marketing materials and awareness-raising presentations at different related events. The main activities of this phase are: Setting up a common project design, such as a project logo, templates for documents and presentations ; Creating and maintaining the project website  ; Designing the project information materials (such as leaflets, brochures, flyers, roll-up posters); Giving introductory presentations at conferences and workshops about the challenges and goals of I-NEW in order to raise awareness among the target group.

Result-oriented phase
The second phase aims to promote the results of the project, in order to allow potential users to get involved in e-training activities and to get familiar with e-learning platform, to get to know the achievements and the related benefits of the I-NEW project. This will be done by addressing target group in participating in testing of developed e-learning modules on e-learning platform and take the following activities in account: Display and promote public deliverables and news for viewing and downloading on the project website in order to show the liveliness and progress of the project and to keep interested parties up-to-date. Presentations at conferences and workshops introduction the findings of the I-NEW project. These presentations will still be target group-oriented. The I-NEW consortium will publish and disseminate press release after having reached important milestones. These press releases will be circulated to interested parties. In order to reach potential users of e-learning platform, project outputs could be disseminated via AdWords Google tools and Google advertising network. Future dissemination campaigns will increase the interests of target group in e-training activities. 

Exploitation-oriented phase
During the final dissemination phase specific activities will be undertaken in order to actually start the exploitation. The exploitation is targeted at potential users of the I-NEW platform. Specific planned activities of this phase include: Exploitation-oriented upgrade of the project website, participation at tourism and education-oriented exhibitions, fairs and workshops, where the results of the project should be presented to stakeholders, vocational training institutions, training providers, tourism associations and contacts for potential commercial projects could be built.