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Sunday, 07 March 2021
I-NEW Partners --- >> TAKIDD


TAKIDD (www.takidd.org) – All Europe Women's Cultural Collaborative Dialogue Association is a non profit - non governmental organisation with members all over Turkey from quite number of different professions. TAKIDD is based in Ankara, Turkey and aims to improve cultural interaction and exchange between Turkey and European Union countries. This is to improve the social cross understanding of Turkish and EU women in social, economical and cultural life and improve the aspects of EU women towards Turkey and Turkish women towards EU. TAKIDD has been supporting social cohesion of Europe women since its formation. TAKIDD is aiming to bring successful, dedicated, enthusiastic and competent women to work together and use resulting positive synergies to guide others. All "successful" fellows are their natural members. Supporting women entrepreneurs, informal mentoring in small business environment is one of the natural activities of TAKIDD.